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10th Anniversary of Seizure of Baptist Church by the IRS

10thanniversarySpecial Message from Pastor Greg A. Dixon:

Dear Friends, Attached is the Jan-March – 2011 Trumpet (see below also) that is the 10th Anniversary issue of the 93 day siege and raid on the sanctuary of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple on Feb. 13, 2001. As Providence would have it, the 13th actually comes on Sunday. The congregation is planning a special service that morning at 10:30 am. They would like to extend to anyone that stood with us a special invitation to be in the service on this special occasion if it is at all possible. Lodging and food will be provided for the Saturday night before, and Sunday noon for anyone, and their immediate family, who stood with us during the siege, that can come and be with us on this momentous occasion.

We are happy to announce that my parents, Dr. and Mrs. Dixon, will be able to be with us in this special service.

There will be a special gift of a DVD of 175 pictures for everyone present and we will also be honoring all those who stood with us. There will be special recognition to those who were present when the actual raid took place.

The theme for the special day will be:

The Principle of Religious Freedom

For you that cannot come, the service will be streamed live and also archived at:

Be sure and scroll down and click on to “Live.”

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:

Yours most sincerely in Christ,
Greg Dixon

Dr. Greg Dixon

Dr. Greg Dixon was senior pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple for 41 years; in the early ’70s, the church grew to the eleventh largest in the nation with some 8,000 members and a Christian school for grades one through college. Dr. Dixon is now Pastor Emeritus of the church and is the National Director of the Biblical Law Center, which helps churches reorganize to take advantage of their First Amendment guarantees.In the early ’80s, Dr. Dixon became convicted over the country’s political departure from the Christian culture and joined the Board of the Moral Majority, which was formed to exert Christian influence on political decisions in Washington. In 1983, after a sleepless night of prayer, he announced to his congregation that he was no longer “playing church”; as expected, this caused a sizeable drop in his congregation, and the exit of several influential citizens of Indianapolis. Undeterred, he went on to help create the American Coalition of Unregistered Churches, of which he became chairman.Understanding the true meaning of the separation of church and state — that government is without authority over churches — he stopped withholding taxes from church ministers. In 2001, one of the first acts of President Bush’s administration was to seize all the real property of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. The church survived and relocated with the help of loyal Patriotic members. Today, Dr. Dixon’s son Greg has succeeded him and is carrying on church responsibilities in a new building. Dr. Dixon experienced first-hand how the establishment media deliberately concealed and distorted the facts of the government’s seizure of Indianapolis Baptist Temple.Dr. Dixon will be the Co-Host of the National Unregistered Baptist Fellowship at the Indianaoplis Baptist Temple October 12th through 15th, 2009.

Pastor Greg A. Dixon

January – March 2011 Trumpet