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Anti-Defamation League puts Unregistered Baptist Fellowship on their Extremist List

Anti-Defamation League puts Unregistered Baptist Fellowship on their Extremist List

By Pastor Greg Dixon

Following the lead of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League ( has now listed the upcoming Unregistered Baptist Fellowship meeting Oct. 8-10 at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple in Indianapolis, IN, alongside skinhead concerts, neo-Nazi gatherings and KKK rallies on their website’s “Schedule of Upcoming Extremist Events.”

Although the other listings are described in heavily militaristic terms, the description of the UBF meeting reads simply, “National meeting organized by the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, a member of the ‘unregistered church movement,’ which believes no church should have to follow any laws or regulations, from income tax withholding to building and fire codes.”

As a principle founder of the UBF, and Pastor Emeritus of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, I must ask, “How are the stated goals of the UBF or our 25 year history in conflict with the ADL’s stated goals of Justice and Fair Treatment to all, which is guaranteed by the First Amendment?  And where is there any evidence that the UBF has ever been involved in the mistreatment of the Jewish people which is one of their stated goals to fight?”

Curiously missing from the calendar of supposedly anti-Semite extremist events are any meetings or events of Israel’s ancient sworn enemy, the Muslims. Surely, if the ADL is so concerned about the possibility of any anti-Jewish speech or activity, there must be at least one Muslim event in the US that would qualify. But apparently they feel that their of their biggest threats is from a bunch of Baptists who get together to sing hymns, encourage one another in the faith and give instruction as to how churches can exist in America outside the IRS 501 (c) (3) trap to take advantage of their First Amendment protections.

Following is the List of ADL Extremist Organizations, which no doubt, are an example of the groups that Congress had in mind when they passed the recent “Hate Crimes” legislation.  The only hope left for free speech and religion guaranteed by the First Amendment is for President Bush to use his veto power.

Following is the list from the ADL web site:

  • Klan anti-immigration rally, Athens, Alabama, Sept 15
  • Neo-Nazi BBQ, Denver, Colorado, Sept 15
  • Neo-Confederate meeting, Lebanon, Missouri, Sept 15
  • “First Annual Inland Empire Skinhead BBQ,” Inland Empire, California, Sept 15
  • Klan meeting, Johnstown, Ohio, Sept 15
  • Sovereign citizen seminar (Citizens of the American Constitution), John Day, Oregon, Sept 15
  • White supremacist gathering (North East White Pride), West Babylon, NY, Sept 22
  • “National Feast of Tabernacles,” (Christian Identity), Athens, Alabama, Sept 29
  • Neo-Nazi Fundraiser, Maricopa County, Arizona, Sept 29
  • Neo-Confederate conference (League of the South), Chattanooga, Tennessee, Oct 4
  • Hammerfest 2007 white power concert, Northwestern Hammerskins, Portland, Oregon, Oct 5
  • “Tabernacles Conference,” Christian Identity, Meredosia, Illinois, Oct 5
  • White supremacist gathering (Stormfront), Morganton, North Carolina, Oct 6
  • “Feast of Tabernacles 2007” (Christian Identity), Sweetwater, Tennessee, Oct 6
  • Columbus Day white supremacist picnic (Stormfront), Cayce, South Carolina, Oct 8
  • Unregistered Baptist Fellowship meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana, Oct 8-10
  • “Nor More Wars for Israel Conference,” (Crescent and Cross), Orange County, California, Oct 14
  • Klan rally, Tupelo, Mississippi, Oct 20
  • Klan meeting, Henderson, Tennessee, Oct 20
  • White Christian Heritage Festival (KKK), Pulaski, Tennessee, Oct 2
  • Neo-Nazi Regional BBY, Phoenix, Arizona, Oct 28
  • Klan rally, Montgomery, Alabama, Nov 11