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Indianapolis Baptist Temple Wins Victory at City Hall Today Sept. 5

We are happy to report that the Property Tax Appeals Board for Marion County, Indiana voted without a single nay vote to exempt E and F Realty, the owner of the property at 4002 East Southport Road, in Indianapolis, which is the lessee for the Life Center at Southport which the Indianapolis Baptist Temple uses for their church services.  This is a massive victory for churches that rent their facilities in Marion County, especially since the Supreme Court of Indiana has ruled in another case, that each County can make their own decisions in these matters, after ruling against an incorporated church in Hamilton County a few years ago.  The Baptist Temple is an unregistered church, is not incorporated, and Pastor Dixon made it clear to the Board today that the Baptist Temple does not file form 136 for property tax exemption. Attorney David Retherford of Indianapolis represented E. and F. Realty and made an excellent presentation on their behalf, however the same cannot be made for the young attorney, a graduate from Bob Jones University who spoke on behalf of the County Assessor’s Office, who was recommending that the tax be levied. In reality it would not be a tax against the property owner but against IBT because the tax would simply be passed to the church to pay.

The church wishes to thank each of the board members that voted for the exemption, and also the pastors and large group of lay men and women that came to support the church.  Pastor Dixon treated the ministers that came and some of the other guests at the Cracker Barrel near the Baptist Temple after the Board Meeting.   Other than ministers from the Baptist Temple, those present were Pastors Martin Jones, Dustin Staggs, Tom Chestnut, Aaron Campbell and Dan Young representing his Pastor, Darrell Johnson from Scottsburg, Indiana.  The church wants to thank all who prayed and gives all glory to God for this great victory in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.