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Jerald Finney is now our -In House- Counsel

Dear Pastor and Friends,

It is with great excitement to announce the new attorney for the Biblical Law Center.  Jerald Finney is now our “In House” Counsel.  The BLC has been communicating with him for a couple of months and working through the details of such a relationship.

Recently, we traveled together to the Annual Unregistered Baptist Fellowship and had a wonderful time discussing the future of the BLC.  Together we all can be very excited and privileged to have such a great mind and heart concerning the Biblical understanding of the Unregistered New Testament Church.

Attorney Finney will be available to us as Pastors and churches to discuss the vital issues of our day and to walk with us through the legal and biblical battles of pastoring an unregistered church.  However, to have this privilege we together must support the Biblical Law Center.  Many of you are already doing so but the rest of us must begin to help sustain this great ministry.

The BLC will be giving Attorney Finney a monthly retainer for his services to us.  As a result, you and I along with our churches must commit to give a monthly or one time gift annually to the BLC for this important purpose.  Again, we have at our disposal 24/7 Legal and Biblical Counsel to help with our great needs.

Please help the BLC to be able to work with Pastors and Churches all over the Country to make Jesus Christ Lord and Master of His Church!

Thank you and God Bless!  Please put the BLC in your mission and personal giving budgets.

Greg A. Dixon

National Director