THE DAY FREEDOM DIED – Dr. Dixon being carried out on a stretcher because the Federal Marshalls were illegally seizing Indianapolis Baptist Temple for Taxes that they did not owe.


Churches are no longer TAX FREE.  Watch this series of 3 videos entitled THE DAY FREEDOM DIED and listen to reporters glibly report about a TAX FREE church owing the IRS over $6 Million Dollars even though THE IRS audited their books and found that they owed nothing.  Attorney General John Ashcroft stated plainly that they OWED NO TAXES.  THEIR CRIME?  Cancelling their 501 (c)(3) IRS CONTROLLED Tax Exemption and opting for the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES which states clearly that churches are not TAX EXEMPT but rather TAX FREE because since the founding of this country and under the guidance of our founding fathers, the church has always had only one head, JESUS CHRIST.  The IRS no longer agrees with the founding fathers.  We are losing our freedoms and this is just one step.  The two ways that the government has taken over churches in COMMUNIST NATIONS his by UNLAWFUL TAXES and also by GOVERNMENT MANDATED HEALTH CARE which puts churches in the position of disobeying the law in order to submit to a higher power and when the state decides that they are the higher power, we have lost our freedom.  Interestingly Eric Holder had set the stage for this under Clinton when Bush and John Ashcroft took over. John Ashcroft even stated very clearly that the church OWED NO TAXES. The new administration was briefed and informed that a famous Baptist Church, Indianapolis Baptist Temple, was no more than a militia group of radicals.  That means freedom loving Americans are now considered radicals worthy of seizure by the state.

The Sinking of the Titanic – Published on Mar 4, 2012

This is the story of a tragedy that sank the newest and most impressive ship ever made, the Titanic, and sought to be “Unsinkable.” Many of the most famous and wealthy people of the day were on board. There was even a world series of Poker going on as the captain and crew failed to use good judgement in speeding through icy waters hoping to make a record crossing of the ocean but not realizing that the theory of an UNSINKABLE SHIP was in stark contrast to the reality that if the ship hit a huge iceberg it was not able to sustain such a terrible blow to the hull of the ship. There are conclusions that one can draw from this story about the shortness of life and the fact that we dare not risk our ever living soul on a theory that will mean our ultimate fate in hell rather than in the loving arms of Jesus who has provided the solution to all the problems in life by the death on the cross and His resurrection for our justification. There is only one way to heaven, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Don’t delay, accept Him today. Don’t be like the foolish passengers and crew of the Titanic who thought that they were safe when the reality of life was that they would perish in the icey waters of the Atlantic on the maiden voyage of the UNSINKABLE TITANIC.

The preacher is Dr. Greg J. Dixon. This sermon won 1st place in the Sword of The Lord Evangelistic Sermon Contest in 1976 when Dr. Dixon was the pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple in Indianapolis, Indiana. The soloist is Rev. Glenn Lockwood. If you would like to be saved or grow as a Christian, please write to Dr, Greg J. Dixon at You can ask for one of the following completely free of charge by providing your mailing address:

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